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杭州マルコポーロ浜湖ホテル (Merchant Marco Edgelake Hotel Hangzhou), ホテルは洗濯路と国貨路の交差点にある国産品道路で、国貨路23号の真正面にあります。解放路に近く、美しい西子湖畔に隣接し、杭州解百新世紀ショッピングセンターと緊密につながっています。
クチコミ 詳細
  • danny_xm
    Very good hotel, next time come to live here
  • gyx_119
    good location, acceptable price.
  • bassa
    According to mass reviews online of recommended set of, feel price super high. location superior tight Pro Lake, traffic convenient, to Lake scenic and Hangzhou restaurant (Centennial old shop cheap and delicious) are not to 10 minutes. hotel has straight water, although reservation of single room but seems each room are has small children with of slippers, toothbrush, bathrobes! bed is comfortable! breakfast varieties rich delicious. for home travel
  • meili200603
    Good health
  • dawsonlee
    Too bad, the Marco Polo is false, please indicate clearly OK! is not that chain!
  • cltree100
    Room nice!: next business trip stay, very good
  • xiaojuan8791
    OK, multiple occupancy. going to the West Lake within walking distance to the downstairs.
  • csr696988
    Please don't again mention mountain room has, see not to mountain, is downstairs of broken House, next buildings lined. Live 8 floor, morning downstairs of bus station will compared noisy. If not said mountain room, but standard room I will on this hotel of integrity degrees added points of, bathroom of environment also good, rushed got water big and comfortable, lots is good of, but around has many hotel is is convenient of. to like I such compared picky of people some reference.
  • pyuan3
    Took my daughter and her mother-in-law holiday, old people and children love, very intimate, also has a children's slippers, also send fruit. first occupancy, also free to upgrade the Lake from West Lake and the Grandma's head office, green tea restaurants are very close to department store downstairs has opened 97 years.
  • AMY80180
    Nice, have also been upgraded, very good experience.
  • mindy4028
    Surroundings, rich breakfast, clean rooms!
  • bic564
    Department stores around the West Lake scenic area and the night market is very good.
  • cy89720286
    Many star hotels met first with intelligent toilet from the Lake near the next election it
  • fanyu117
    Free upgrade to a large suite, really thanks! surrounding crowded due to hospital more understandable. to do closer to West Lake, lobby service personnel's attitude is very good. recommends this hotel
  • Francyang
    Hotel good location, 5 minutes walk to Lakeside, parking is not very convenient. Rooms large clean bathroom hot water, but there is no send mineral water (toilet provides drinking water). Breakfast better than you expect, there are four star hotel level.
  • avenor
    Carefully selected hotels on the Internet, location, dining restaurants around are many, shopping is very convenient, walking more than 10 minutes to the Lake. lived for several days, had a good time.
  • feng95
    Only a 5-minute walk from West Lake, and surrounded by the shopping places to eat, easy to clean
  • linvictory
    Location very good, walking to the xihu Tiandi. eat also have their own characteristics around. fruit delivered every day, breakfast quality is also very good in many varieties, is recommended.
  • armstor
    Clean traffic is convenient, from the Lake near, really good
  • afu5802
    Very high cost performance
  • e00066952
    Near West Lake, is very convenient. hotel is also very clean, well. just stay upstairs in the fire service rectification, construction is a bit noisy, could not stay in a hotel during the day.
  • TonyP
    Nice, lovely hotel in Lake
  • fense
    It wasn't too bad
  • faisal
    Hotel in very good location to change around the West Lake scenic area and is very convenient and close to the Mall service very good stay at the hotel will send the fruit room was clean and bed very comfortable next to Hangzhou will also set
  • tracy1532
    Not satisfied with the room, saying fresh air room, and room very stuffy, uncomfortable sleep, breakfast is not good, and choose next day plus money room.
  • lmwang70615
    Environmental facilities, breakfast food, with the so-called four stars were different.
  • alicef
    The same
  • dance
    In General!
  • snowpr
    Triple room surprisingly close to the West Lake
  • fxj520426
    Well, live
  • LIN Supa
    Not bad, price is on the high
    A bit dated, is not particularly comfortable hotel
  • linda901230
    Less than ten minutes walk from West Lake. breakfast, room clean and tidy!
  • eudemon0105
    Noisy surroundings, convenient, and cost-effective.
  • e00249393
    Hotel location is very good, glance out of the window of the West Lake; transportation, dinner is very convenient for shopping in the vicinity; very clean, perfect supporting facilities, small details do well, can feel the heart; friendly service staff, we are very satisfied, have the opportunity to come back.
  • e02518433
    Nice, is already a lot of times, and beside the West Lake
  • e01290623
    Staff at the front desk service, the hotel facilities, as well as two apples with a plane, details, and surrounding transportation is convenient, about 10 minutes walk from the 1th Metro line nearby snack a lot, but it's all been satisfactory
  • amoms
    Very nice hotel, and baby little slippers. good service
  • brenda87122
    Nice location very good. is parking charge is not reasonable
  • centa313
    Rooms are spacious, well-lit, and stood at the window with plenty of baochu pagoda. Zambia
  • JG2011
    Facilities nice. convenient, from the Lake near. recommended.
  • amydalian
    Rarely have three adult-friendly room, no choice, only one. service is very good, hotel is a little bit old, but it can also accept, mainly smell in the room is not very good, poor ventilation.
  • clywd528
    For I residence hotel, the hotel was a nice surprise, all are good, especially the many details it was thoughtful. here are a few examples of special praise; -Shower-bathroom flooring with anti-skid stone surface with both bathtub and shower, very convenient-curtain thickened, can effectively prevent the light wakes me in the morning. This is generally only a good 5 star hotel is. Directly-drinking water faucet, extremely rare in domestic hotels, 5Star also very rare-toilet side has flush toilet of spray head, convenient will Hou timely cleaning. this in hotel in is rarely some-room within has disinfection Cabinet, very rare. is good-daily gift fruit, rare. most staying Shi sent once on didn't has. is good-room throughout has lamp, can let room is bright. this in cloudy Shi on people of spirit especially important. -Breakfast was good and there are more choices, nice-nice. check the secondDays hotel call, say we lived for a long time, asked us if satisfied, telling stores what needs, they will do their best to meet our needs. make us feel very warm, feel of the hotel's management is very good. -Special praise to our times contact Tourism Department intern Liu and concierge staff only insufficient; -Bathroom ceiling ventilation system connected with the room around. as long as the adjacent smoking, we willTo secondhand smoke, open fan would be useless. smoking harm especially in Chinese, it is kind of hard to breathe smoke-free. -Lack of pillow on the sofa, sitting on the sofa waist hanging uncomfortable. Overall very good, thanks to the hotel's good management and employees to work harder. I also have the opportunity to stay at this hotel next time.
  • BLI622
    You can also!
  • e02695074
    Hotels in Nice, good view, very spacious, this room is a little trouble, facilities a year
    Hotel is well located, approximately 15 minutes from the West Lake walk, close to the business district. Grandma around, green tea, taste and other Hangzhou famous diet. hotel facilities, our family 11, daily complimentary fruit, good staff ... recommended!
  • a pei
    West Lake is not nearly. room was a bit of noise on the road.
  • jaslee
    All in all OK, the others are basic, facilities OK, is 10 to 11, need to walk your own stairs of the baggage for many people a little bit of trouble.
  • FelicityWu
    Anyway, a 15-minute walk to West Lake